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Holy Exploding Laptops Batman!

Ok, so i didnt get alot of Physics done, so what, this is cool.
Check the link for an exploding laptop :D
AND its a dell!!
AND its in Japan!!!
I mean, picture it, lil Japanese man with glasses looking like a slightly thinner Kim Jong Il typing away and this little blue flame burns thru the touchpad, he looks closer and... *BOOM* comically blackened dictator and a beautiful piece of tech exploderating itself for 5 minutes!
For everything else theres mastercard :)


Ok, so redmond use google for their searches, big deal, this is a standard thing which I've discovered over the years....
SMART and STUPID people use google.
most other people have personal tastes, eg yahoo, Msn etc just for the style.
Ironically enough the smarts and stupids use google for the same reasons: its clean, simple, fast, and intuiative.
Of course, the "smarts" also use google because of the great Web 2.0 apps.
Personally, even tho i am using two Ms Pro systems (4 screens, wootness, will post pictures later) and i use Office for my documents and Outlook for my mail and calendar (syncs to my phone, so i couldnt resist) i still use google as the centre of my searching!
Google and Microsoft simply dont have the same market, its no more complex than that.
When google starts making good on the "Googlenix" rumours, THEN there will be a showdown, but until then, Google is the king of search, MS is the king of apps.
I mean, on one last note, Google Earth only works on Windows and OSX, not *nix, which i think is a pity.
Anyway, need to go do physics now.


Who really needs to know about Secondary/High school maths?

I've got my final final Mathematics exam ever later today, Mathematics M2 (second mechanics module) for my A-Levels (Americans, just google it) and, i have to admit, the standard back biting about maths and what use it is doesnt really apply to this paper as its about useful things, like projectiles, circular motion (i.e. banking on racetracks) GPE, KE, Work, and Power. ALL things that we use and see in every day life and that every time you pick up a consumer product, someone had to work out the safety restrictions and strengths of that product using software programs based on these theories.
Thats "Applied" mathematics...
Pure mathematics is a whole different ballgame, i mean, noone in their right mind needs to know how to differentiate or integrate in every day life. To paraphrase Billy Connolly, "Why do i need to learn integrals, I'm never fucking going there".
I'm sure there are about a few hundred people who actually use this mathematics in every day life outside the teaching community.
I mean, seriously for a second, what is the point in teaching a subject where the seemingly sole purpose of that subject is to teach people to teach the subject when the teachers are old and forget their times tables!
Anyway, on slightly more interesting notes, after this I've got 2 physics exams, this thursday and next thursday. The first one is "Unified Concepts" which basically means "I hope you remember the past 2 years of work, cus were gonna ask u the questions u forgot to revise". But I love a challenge.
Then the next week I've got a Cosmology exam, and since I've been reading Steven Hawking and Michio Kaku and Brian Greene (Google them) since I was knee high to a grasshopper, Thats gonna b a case of trying NOT to write things down.
I have to keep telling myself that the examiners dont understand string theory, and that its not a proven theory, but what the hell is a proven theory?! there is no such thing ass a proven theory! Newton's Gravity was a "proven theory" until Mercury didnt fit the mold, then Einstein came along and scrapped Newtonian Gravity and made his own. Bt definition a theory or a model cant be proven, it can only be refined or disproven, never proven, cus if you do millions of experiments and millions of tests and they all come out right, if just once the theory doesnt match experiment (ignoring human error) then the theory MUST be wrong!
Anyway, end of rant, better go sit out in the sun and pretend to revise.....




Priceless sci-fi conspiracy and outer-limits style freakness stored for all eternity on my hard disk. I got my mits on the lend of the DVD pack from a friend, watched the ones i hadnt finished downloading, but still finished them because i can keep my geekiness with me… and its good for late night time wasting :D



I’ve got about a month to do 2 years of coursework… I’m screwed….. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Geek Unity

Nevermind in the same room, but I had OSX, XP, and Ubuntu running from multiboot all on my Sony Vaio. Not nearly as much fun as you’d think tho, the Darwin shell in OSX made it a beowolfe to startup, and even then the functionality was pretty pointless over all. So I wiped the OSX partition and am now triple booting 2 XP partitions, and Ubuntu.

Funness :D I recommend A Dual Linux Install for anyone dealing with networks or coding :)

Another Thing I'd Love To Do

I’d love to be able to pick locks. Not for any criminal purposes. But it wud b GREAT to hav some smart arse teacher locking something in their drawer, and then breaking it out :)
One Asshole Of A Teacher? £30,000-£40,000 p.a
One mp3 Player? £90
One Lockpicking Kit? £79.99
The Look On The Guys Face Wen He Sees Me With My Mp3 Player? Priceless
For everything else, theres a Dremel Multitool :D

Work Work Work...... Or Not

I’m broke, and i need money. I got kicked outta my last job because the boss didnt like me (it was one of those clicy places, kinda like a country club for farmers, like up their own arses but full of REAL shit, not metaphorical shit) and I’m completly unemployable :( Everyone is looking for previous experience and, to b honest, I’m gonna b educated… I hav no intention of having a career in staking shelves or being a checkout kid, but i still want the bit of money!!! Grrness :D


I plan everything, and it makes even thinking about a road trip scares me to the bone. I’ve always wanted to go off and go somewhere, like a rail trip around europe, but I’m always worried about going broke(er than i am atm) and getting stuck in Bratislava (Anyone seen Eurotrip?)
BUT its something that i would love to do, i just need to find decent walking socks…. Not my standard pope socks (holy)

Things I Wanna Do

I was browsing around, came to and found myself watching google current. (I recommend it too EVERYONE, tis the shizzle), then saw the interview with the guys, made me think....
So, I got to thinking, what DO i wanna do?
I dunno..... So I'll probably randomly post my random thoughts around here :D
Oh, oh, got one...
I wanna Learn C++ and Java.... Maybe SQL...
And I wanna have a three screen setup some day :)


Happy New Year

Happy 2006 Everybody, You sad bastards who are reading this.
This new years i saw it in working....
Last year, it was at my parents mates house.
Same the year before.
and Before
I've NEVER spent a new year with my friends.
This year I would have given anything to have spent it with my
girlfriend Sara. I would have given anything to be with her, even simply
on a sofa somewhere watching the crappy TV (although Jools Holland does
indeed r0x0r) just holding her.
But naturally that too much to ask for.
I refuse to rant about sara, sometime i might just tell all you lovely
people the long long long story concerning her. But not now.
Now, My rand is about people.
Older people.
Call it "Middle Age".
My rant is this.

Nothing changes.
My parents are in the kitchen having a conversation with worryingly
similar points of view as i would have with my friends, although we
wouldn't take ourselves as seriously as they do...
Dad seems to be like me, or more correctly, I'm like my dad.
Ration with a comic-satiric streak.
Everyone else is just drunkish talking complete bollix.
Wait a minute.
That makes it sound like my dad ISN'T talking complete bollix. Well, he
is, but its bollix that appears to be rational to him.
Maybe things don't change as much as people think. Maybe were all the
same throughout our lives, Living the same identities all through our
pathetic little existence.
We all want the same things generally. Mostly concerning a better life
for all and shit like that that only really makes sense when its 4 in
the morning after several (i repeat, SEVERAL) beers, along with a few
questionable cocktails.
So does this mean I'm stuck in the way i am?
Good! I like the way i am. I just hate the way the rest of the world is,
so maybe theres hope for those of us who realise the futility of this,
and all we can do is try to stick around for as long as we can get some
fun out of life, hopefully spawning off little mini versions of
ourselves that will again stick around.
I'd like to think that my life might just gain some meaning. At some point.
That maybe I WILL mean something and that there will be a little part of
my soul left behind after I'm long gone. Even if its simply in the
stories that people tell about me, or someone finding this blog in a
hundred years and thinking "Wow, what a fag."
Maybe we all just turn to dust and disappear forever.
Wot a shitty thought to end on...